Application development of cultural stone in home decoration

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Living in a noisy big city, more and more people yearn for a calm and pleasant pastoral life, so the simple and natural home style is favored by many people. Then, using some simple and natural materials, the whole home can have a relaxed and natural feeling. The cultural stone background wall is one of the important elements to reflect the style of the living room. The stone with natural texture can achieve very ideal effect. The background wall with natural culture stone is the most common. Functionally speaking, the cultural stone can absorb sound and avoid the influence of sound on other living rooms. From the decorative effect point of view, it reflects the exquisite sense of metal of electrical products and forms a strong texture. Contrast, very modern.
      In the past, cultural stone was mainly used for the decoration of exterior walls of public buildings and villa buildings. As the use of stone in interior decoration increased, it was applied more to interior wall decoration. For example, the texture stone with rough texture is decorated on the TV background wall or balcony corner of the living room to form a natural and simple feeling. It can also form a strong contrast with the modern sense of home appliance metal. At the same time, it can also be used in a special audio-visual room in the home. It can use the multi-void characteristics of the cultural stone to achieve the sound-absorbing effect and avoid the influence of the sound and sound on other living rooms. The specific selection points are as follows:
      Cultural stone is not suitable for large-scale use indoors. Generally speaking, the wall use area should not exceed 1/3 of the wall surface of the space in which it is located, and cultural stone wall surface should not appear many times in the living room. Will make the space look old and rough. The large living room can be used with larger slate or irregular splicing. For small living rooms, when decorating the wall, it is best to use small-sized, light-colored cultural stone. Make the small living room appear narrow.
      When the cultural stone is used to decorate the decorative wall surface such as the TV background wall, since most of these walls are equipped with downlights or spotlights, cultural stones such as waterfall stones and stone masonry with deeper shades can be selected, and the light of the spotlights can be used. Form a strong contrast between light and dark. The TV wall inlaid with cultural stone has a contrasting effect. In the past, the TV wall of people's homes was generally the same as other wall surfaces. Nowadays, people often choose TV wall to be different from other wall surfaces in the living room, and design and decorate the TV wall separately.
      Cultural stone occupies a small part of the decorative materials on the home floor, and the main starting point is the effect. The cultural stone has a rich Chinese traditional culture and artistic color, a unique texture, and a true taste. It is suitable for local decoration in home decoration. Cultural stone has both natural and artificial.
      The decoration of the home floor is safe and the first. If there are old people and young children in the home, the floor tiles should be the material with anti-slip function. At the same time, don't be cheap, the floor tiles are easy to wear objects, too cheap floor tiles, for a long time, will be traced by the feet, and secondly cheap tiles are not slippery, easy to cause accidental injury.
      In the modern home decoration, the painter advocates that the TV background wall adopts the texture stone inlay with rough texture, which can absorb sound and thicken the wall, reduce the influence of sound on other living room space, and can express Depicting the exquisite sense of a common modern home appliance, it constitutes a fierce texture comparison. If the living room is large in size, you can also use the cultural stone to create a classic wall with a classic style, so that the living room decoration reveals a touch of exquisiteness. Or build a idyllic corner on the balcony. Also, pay attention to the primary effect of cultural stone is to embellish the embellishment, do not use it indiscriminately, otherwise it will encourage the seedlings.
      The fireplaces dotted with culturally noisy and colorful cultural stones inadvertently brought people back to the Middle Ages, which had already been separated. The quality of the purchase of cultural stone depends on the quality of the materials and the processing technology. The quality of the stone appearance, does not contain too much variegated color, the color distribution is more uniform, there is no sharp and faint appearance, the corners are cut and cut without any corners, and there is no rough feeling by hand. The poor quality stone has many "disadvantages" that cannot be compensated for, such as stains, cracks, color lines, potholes and so on. When purchasing cultural stone, we must pay attention to the product's test statement, pay attention to the radioactive standard value, according to national regulations, as long as the A class of stone is suitable for indoor use.

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