What is the criterion for the cultural stone used in the villa?

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1, light body, prevent falling off. High strength, lightweight and non-radiative aggregates must be used. The mass per square meter is ≤35KG, and the density per cubic meter is ≤1300KG;
    2, non-toxic, no radiation (internal exposure index ≤ 0.6Bq / Kg, external exposure index ≤ 0.8Bq / Kg);
    3, anti-weathering. To resist weathering, the surface strength must be high.
    4, waterproof (water absorption rate of 17%, 2.5% after protective treatment);
    5, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance (after 0.01 mol / L hydrochloric acid solution and 0.01 mol / L sodium hydroxide solution, the stone surface has no obvious damage, no mortar block falling, and returned to the original state);
    6. Anti-freezing performance (no peeling or cracking after 50 freeze-thaw cycles under the conditions of minus 30 °C to minus 10 °C);
    7, resistance to artificial aging (150H), no significant changes;
    8, the surface is not efflorescence and salt cream. (Because of the quality of raw materials, the production of cultural stone is more or less a few effluent, but the structure of large-area effluent concrete is destroyed and the life expectancy will be affected);
    9, the bending strength can not be too low. For products with low flexural strength, transportation loss and construction loss are too large. After a period of time on the wall, cracks will appear—the force generated when the adhesive material shrinks will break the cultural stone, so cracks appear; other forces from the wall will also break the cultural stone.
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