How should the high-end cultural stone industry develop?

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In recent years, the average annual growth rate of cultural stone has been greater than 9%, and the trend of increasing cultural stone usage has not decreased. China's cultural stone usage has always been in the forefront of the world. In the past few years, there have been many projects under construction. The current economic crisis has not had a certain impact on China's cultural stone exports, and it has not had much impact on the entire cultural stone industry.
    If China's thin and ultra-thin cultural stone can develop rapidly, it will expand the application scope of cultural stone, for example, it can enter high-rise office buildings, commercial centers, residential buildings, which will be a very huge market. Like the stone plates produced in China before, the natural stone is generally 12mm~20mm, and the thickness of ceramics is generally 6mm~12mm. Compared with natural ceramic stone and ceramic plate of the same area, the weight is more than 2~3 times, so the effect The bearing problem of cultural stone decoration in high-rise buildings is an important reason why natural culture stone can not enter high-rise buildings for decoration. The production of thin-plate culture stone can produce more cultural stone plates under the consumption of unit resources. Compared with the current domestic processing level, the cost can be reduced a lot, and thus enter the ordinary home decoration market.
    At present, cultural stone brand enterprises have listed the national third- and fourth-level rural market development as the key work of this year; the proposal of cultural stone to the countryside reflects the original intention of the government to support the cultural stone industry, but it is better combined with the transformation and upgrading of the cultural stone industry. . For a group of cultural stone enterprises that are brave in product innovation, the actual support of the country is not enough. With the same technology and equipment, the products of domestic innovative enterprises are difficult to be favored by government projects and local preferential procurement.
    China's cultural stone industry should recognize the form, take the road of optimizing the industrial structure, strengthen the alliance with internationally advanced technology, and improve the level of mining and processing of cultural stone. Optimize the investment environment of foreign-funded enterprises in China. After China's accession to the WTO, the investment of international large companies in China is increasing year by year. The advanced technical equipment and management experience will promote the overall level of the Chinese cultural stone industry and provide a good opportunity for the development of Chinese cultural stone to a higher level. It is necessary to introduce and absorb foreign advanced experience, and use the power of “outside brain and foreign capital” to develop the quality of China's cultural stone products to the high-end direction.
    Cultural stone products are "semi-finished products", which often require support from design, construction, decoration and other supporting links. Chen Huan pointed out that "home appliances can be used when they are taken back. Cultural stone also needs corresponding supporting services to be posted." Due to the lack of corresponding supporting services in the rural market, in the actual operational level, the cultural stone to the countryside should be solved. Service problem. In addition, the consumption level of the rural market is different, and what kind of price and quality are suitable for going to the countryside, it is difficult to determine certain standards.
    Nowadays, the consumption potential of the rural market is huge, and the cultural stone industry pays attention to this aspect of development is also very correct, but it is the lack of development "standards." What kind of price and quality is suitable for the rural market, the standard is difficult to determine. However, the speed of building houses in the rural market is not diminished, the living standards of urban farmers are increasing rapidly, and the demand for cultural stone is also rising, which brings hope to the cultural stone to the countryside.
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