Cultural Stone Selection Guide

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The cultural stone has a rough texture and a natural form, which is also the natural appearance of the cultural stone, making it a new favorite in the decoration industry in recent years. In fact, its most attractive feature is that the color and texture can maintain the original stone style, coupled with the change of color and color, the perfect combination of the connotation of stone material and art, just to cater to the cultural concept of people advocating nature and returning to nature, so they are loved by people.
Classification of cultural stone
There are two main types of cultural stones that are currently distributed on the market:
1. Natural culture stone
The natural culture stone is a stone mineral mine that is mined in nature. Among them, slate, sandstone and quartz stone have been processed into a decorative building material. The natural culture stone is hard, bright in color, rich in texture and different in style. It has the characteristics of compression resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance and low water absorption.
2, artificial culture stone
Artificial culture stone is made of materials such as silicon calcium and gypsum. It mimics the shape and texture of natural stone, and has the characteristics of light texture, rich color, mildew, non-combustible and easy to install.
In the interior decoration, the cultural stone is mainly used in the decoration living room. Use cultural stone decoration The living room should consider the area and light in the hall. The general experience is that large-area halls can be used with larger slabs or irregular splicing. As for the whole wall surface paving, or partial decoration, you can choose according to your wishes.
Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages between Natural Culture Stone and Artificial Culture Stone
The main advantage of natural culture stone is that it is durable, not afraid of dirt, and can be scrubbed indefinitely, but the decorative effect is limited by the original texture of the stone. In addition to the square stone, other construction is more difficult, especially when it is difficult to splicing.
The advantage of artificial culture stone is that it can choose the color. Even if the color is not like when you buy it, you can reprocess it with a paint such as latex paint. In addition, most of the artificial culture stone is boxed, in which different blocks have been allocated a good proportion, and the installation is convenient. However, the artificial culture stone is not dirty, it is not easy to clean, and some cultural stones are affected by the level of the manufacturer and the number of molds, and the style is limited or poor.
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