Different styles of cultural stone

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Culture stone is not a single stone, it is processed by stone, and it does not have any cultural meaning. It expresses the processing and production method that achieves certain decorative effects. The attraction of cultural stone is that the color and texture can maintain the original and original appearance, and the change of color and color can reveal the connotation and artistry of stone material.
    1. Slate culture stone——The natural version of rock has a special layered slab. Its grain is clear and picturesque, the texture is delicate and delicate, and the air is extraordinary and refined. The nature of the sea and the sea is on the stone, expressing a kind of returning to the true nature. Emotions.
2, sandstone culture stone - sandstone surface and texture has a primitive atmosphere, like the desert sand dunes, like the sandy beach. It is the perfect combination of overall harmony and detail changes. The color of sandstone is distinct, white as ice and snow, yellow if fine sand, and red to win magma. It is like the calm character of grinding for hundreds of years, solemn and elegant.
3, rust plate culture stone - rust board has powder rust, water rust, jade rust, purple rust and other types, colorful, varied patterns, each piece is unique. The rust board has a warm affinity and gives a natural, original, mysterious and romantic feeling in a relaxed atmosphere.
4, tile culture stone - natural tile is the ultimate slate layered film, only a few millimeters thick, thin and tough. The arrangement or superposition of various types of tile panels can make the roof more three-dimensional. A combination of colors makes the building more vital.
5, mushroom twist - mushroom stone has the shape of ancient castle wall stone, dignified and unrestrained, rough appearance is very three-dimensional, giving people nostalgic feelings. The mushroom stone is carefully crafted by hand. The color can be adjusted freely, and the grain can also run freely. Therefore, the overall effect is unique.
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