Is artificial culture stone radiation-contaminated?

Date:2019-03-18 14:13:06 Hits:121
Many people are worried about whether there is radiation problem in the cultural stone.
     Nowadays people pay more attention to the concept of environmental protection. Most people think that granite has radiation and the grade is not high, so people like to use marble. In fact, the general stone has radiation, just light and heavy problems, how to treat stone radiation, it is recommended to use imitation stone products, such as antique bricks, the effect is better than real stone, but also cheap. However, natural stone will change color, but to a different extent. In order to prevent discoloration, a layer of varnish is applied, so that it does not change color or become dirty.
     Artificial culture stone belongs to concrete and ceramic products, and there is no radiation pollution. On the contrary, concrete has the effect of blocking radiation. You can use artificial culture stone as a decoration. If it is indoor decoration, do not use natural culture stone. Natural culture stone is radioactive.
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