Environmental protection determines the five advantages of artificial culture stone

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Color advantage: artificial culture stone used in outdoor decoration not only has a good decorative effect, but also its light and flame retardant texture, while the color is rich and bright. Use ‘Germany Bayer Iron Oxide to modulate color to ensure long-lasting color stability, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. In addition to its beautiful appearance and long service life, artificial culture stone has one of the biggest advantages, that is, it is environmentally friendly.
Texture material advantage: The specific gravity is 1/3~1/4 of natural stone, the texture is light, no need for additional wall base support. Impermeability and frost resistance. The computer automatically colors, the surface of the cultural stone is evenly colored, and the color and texture are only seconds. A wide variety of colors, with a variety of models to create a variety of exterior wall. The most important thing about artificial culture stone is the use of mold template, and we can better color artificial culture stone. When using silicone rubber mold production, it is best to wait for the mold to be cleaned for more than 24 hours before it can be put into production. Follow the principle that artificial culture stone molds never leave the tray.
Safety and environmental protection advantages: Most of the raw materials are taken from natural materials, and the raw materials are in compliance with environmental monitoring requirements. They are non-toxic, flame retardant and anti-mildew. The new artificial culture stone and important raw materials have been suppressed, not only avoiding the artificial destruction of the natural environment, but also using some waste materials. The price is cheaper than natural stone, but the quality and decorative effect are not lost.
Technical performance advantages: The R&D center has carefully designed the styles of shapes, structures, colors and textures. Create a variety of styles such as rough, elegant, simple, simple, original, and the combination of the wall surface is very rich. Dust-proof and self-cleaning function: The surface is treated with water-repellent agent imported from the United States, it is not easy to adhere to dust, and the weather can be cleaned as new and maintenance-free.
Stable quality advantage: The company set up laboratories within the company: 1. Test the raw materials of each batch of incoming materials, and the unqualified raw materials are resolutely not used. 2. Inspect each batch of finished products, and the unqualified products will not appear. 3. Design the best mix of concrete to match the product. 4. In the raw material inspection and production process, adhere to the standard of Hebei Province local standard "cement-based art casting block for construction". In this way, we guarantee that each of our batches is a good product.
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