Four steps to create the perfect cultural stone wall

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At present, cultural stone is widely used in home decoration. Culture stone is a kind of decorative material with hard material, rich texture and vivid color, which is often used as the decoration of the background wall. However, there are many problems to be aware of in the process of cultural stone decoration. The following small series will share the process of cultural stone wall decoration to help you create a perfect background wall.
Cultural stone background wall decoration process: 1, background wall design
Cultural stone is a stone decoration material with different styles. The background wall can produce a cultural charm and natural atmosphere. The style of cultural stone is unique. When making the background wall, we must first design the style of the background wall. Estimate the direction of paving the cultural stone.
Cultural stone background wall decoration process: 2, before the paving preparation
Before the fossils are used as the background wall, the preparation work must be done well. The walls and cultural stones to be constructed must be moistened. In addition, the cultural stone bricks should be screened and cut to the required style.
In addition, before the construction of the cultural stone wall, the figure is pre-arranged to confirm the effect of the construction. Firstly, the overall balance and aesthetics are adjusted. For example, small stones should be placed next to the large stones, and the surface of the concave and convex stones should be The surface is relatively flat, the thick product should be thinner next to it, and the color should be balanced.
Cultural stone background wall decoration process: 3, paving cultural stone
In the paving, first stretch a horizontal line 30cm apart on the construction wall to ensure the level of the cultural stone construction process, the special bonding mortar is painted on the back of the culture, compaction to squeeze the adhesive around the stone The whole body is subject to the actual conditions. The joints are squeezed with the adjusted joint material. When the machine is half dry, the excess joint agent is scraped and the excess paint is swept away.
Cultural stone background wall decoration process: 4, cultural stone background wall cleaning
After the cultural stone background wall is pasted, the cultural stone background wall is cleaned and the contaminated area is wiped clean.
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