The main characteristics of EPS lines

Date:2019-03-18 14:13:06 Hits:145
(1) The quality is light, the EPS line aggregate is polystyrene, and the finished product weight is about 1/6 of the GRC decorative line. One person can move and construct at will. It is also fireproof, waterproof, tamper proof, mildewproof and crack resistant. The utility model has the advantages of convenient and simple construction, and is suitable for various indoor and outdoor decorative materials, and is a green new decorative material.
(2) The main products are carved, window sleeve line, waist line, door sleeve line, mouth line, beam holder, Roman column, door decoration, decorative components and other products, and can be customized for drawings.
(3) The paste is firm. EPS decorative line is mainly bonded with polymer mortar and wall. Polymer mortar is made by adding organic glue to inorganic material cement mortar. It has long service life and strong bonding, and has national standards and specifications. It has proved to be safe and reliable in a large number of engineering applications, and has completely solved the problem of external thermal insulation of the exterior wall.
(4) Easy to install, using special bonding materials and methods, one person can install and construct, especially the large-scale line engineering, only need to be bonded and installed. The pattern effect is clear and natural, elegant and luxurious.
(5) There is no gap between the lines. The gap between the EPS decorative lines is the same as that of the wall surface, and the gaps are all disappeared. No cracks will occur in the future use.
(6) Environmental protection: It adopts chemical fiber as raw material and meets the standards of non-toxic and harmless green products for national engineering decoration.