The company's new product --- natural stone is on the line

Date:2019-03-13 11:46:55 Hits:188
Natural stone, born for high-quality, high-grade space design. Precious stones are non-renewable resources, and the quality is also uneven. Even with high-quality stone, due to the reasons of new mining, it is impossible to present a sense of history, and it is difficult to perfectly display the effect of space design. Our natural stone products not only give the product a unique natural stone after a hundred years of wind and rain, but also the charm, while creatively splicing all kinds of stone on a flat plate, and then using the principle of the puzzle to put the plates together This product not only solves the limitations of traditional crafts, solves the problem of paving problems that vary from person to person, greatly improves the paving efficiency, but also incorporates the European classic design and introduces the living style they contain.
The product features:
(1) A strong sense of history and unique charm
    Natural stone powder materials and innovative production techniques make natural stone have a strong sense of history and special design.
(2) high strength, thin material
    The strength is 20 times higher than that of natural stone, 10 times higher than that of ordinary cement culture stone. Due to high strength, the thickness can be reduced to 3CM, and the weight is half lighter than ordinary products, which reduces transportation cost and damage rate.
(3) Low water absorption rate
    It can be washed directly, moisture-proof, mildewproof and easy to maintain.
(4) Effectively resist various harsh natural environments
    The unique production process effectively solves the problems of anti-fouling, fading, cracking and falling off.
(5) Security
The paving process is different from ordinary products, and the safety factor can be increased, so that it is not easy to cause empty drums and falling off.
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